7th Floor

Life Saber Vaporizer

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  • $190

You’re running out of stock for your regular hits and find yourself clueless. Lost and confused, you end up asking yourself a million questions to save the day. Stop!

You’ve been sabed!

You’ve got this one vape, this one vape alone, it stands alone (very heroic), comes in 5 metallic colors and looks like the neuralyzer the MIB crew uses. It’s not a wonder we couldn’t remember where we put it, but you manage to find it somehow because you’re drawn to it (it pulls well). You thank the 7th Floor you’ve been saved.

Damn, what a Life Saber!

Your revival kit includes:

  • 1 x Pyrex transfer wand and heater-cover
  • 1 x 10' power cord
  • 1x padded carrying case to protect your LSV and its delicate bits.