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Silver Surfer

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Folks, meet the SSV - This guy safely landed on earth in the trusted hands of Rolltee and has been on the scene since 2005. Does he come with a surfboard? Sure, we’d like to picture that, but what you might spot is us hanging out at the ocean after a deep session, catching a few waves and gaming the babes.

When it’s really quiet we can almost hear it whisper to us: “All that you know is at an end.”

We respond: ”Oh thank you, your Dankiness, please lead the way.”

This fella does not come alone, though he comes in peace (or pieces):

  • 1 x crafted glass marble pick
  • 1x crafted glass marble temperature dial
  • 1 x crafted heater cover
  • 1x complete whip kit
  • 3 x extra wand screens
  • 1 x instruction manual