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Silver Surfer Wave Rider Series

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  • $420

Blue skies, goat flies, whatever your fancy, how’s about customize your SSV device?

Say what? Sweet mother of vapes, this is freakin awesome!

Close your eyes for a sec and plant any image in it. Yes, any image.

Ok, now stick that image onto your vape. Try another image, pretty neat huh?

Picture this: Your favorite Street Fighter character; Ken, Ryu, Guile or even the sassy Chun Li (mmmm). Your SSV comes out looking dope either way!

And here’s another sweet piece of info: Most SSV Wave Rider vapes have already been customized for you and includes some cool accessories:

  • 1 x crafted glass marble pick
  • 1x crafted glass marble temperature dial
  • 1 x crafted heater cover
  • 1x complete whip kit
  • 3 x extra wand screens
  • 1 x instruction manual